Friday, June 30, 2006

FCC's USF for VoIP Order 

Jeff is fuming about the new order. I have not read it yet, but according to Jeff, it makes all prior regulations of VoIP (both Interconnected and potentially peer-to-peer) look like kindergarten musings.

A Typical VoIP Problem 


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

McJobs in the US: e.g. Bush Pilot 

Bush Pilot (Audio in German)

Bush Pilot (with English subtitles)

Thanks to Otmar Lendl for pointing out this one.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Your Call is Important To Us - Please Stay Awake 

Very embarassing for Comcast, particularly if this happens to a blogger:

Two weeks ago, a Comcast repairman in Washington fell asleep in a customer's home. The customer, Brian Finkelstein, a student at Georgetown Law School, took the incident to the Internet. He shot a video of the repairman sacked out in his couch and posted it on his blog, Snakes on a Blog. The video, which he also posted on YouTube, is one of several recent examples of angered customers taping their interactions with customer service, then putting the experience online ...

VoIP Peering in a Box 

Courtesy, for free use by VoIP service providers, helpless incumbents and others, a "VoIP peering in a box border element" is made publicly available here.

The peering proxy is unique because it supports different TLS connections featuring different certificates dependant on the destination. In addition, it supports Infrastructure ENUM as defined in draft-haberler-carrier-enum-03.txt and draft-lendl-enum-branch-location-record-02.txt and also the Domain Policy Matching module as defined in draft-lendl-speermint-federations-01.txt and draft-lendl-domain-policy-ddds-01.txt.

In addition, you find there also other documents: registry specifications for User and Infrastructure ENUM, regsistrar manual, client toolkits, etc.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Internet Area Code - TM 

Fusion Telecomunications launched Efonica, Yet Another Me Too VoIP service (YAMTVoIP). If you read the press release and go to the webpage, one may think they invented VoIP. But as Aswath and Andy already pointed out, it is only a Me Too service. They are bragging like they invented SIP, P2P, etc. and confusing everybody with the term DSP. No it is not Digital Signal Processor, it is Directed SIP P2P or so. They never heared about Skype, Gizmo, Sipphone, Sipgate,Vonage, Telio, etc. etc

Even the famous trademarked Internet Area Code (IAC) is nothing new, I still can remember areacode 747 from Sipphone. How can you trademark such a bullshit? And what is the use of a (up to 17 digit) phone number you can dial only within the system?

So how do you dial an international phone number (from FAQ 27)?

They offer you three ways:

1. Dial the NANP way 011 + Country Code + City/Mobile Code + Number (City/Mobile Code?)
2. Dial the ITU way 00 + Country Code + City/Mobile Code + Number
3. Dial wild west: country code + City/Mobile + Number

Since there is currently no "City/Mobile Code", also called Area Code, in the NANP staring with 0, you may re-use CC 1 also for dialing the IAC "10". This is basically re-using the Access Code for Carrier Selection. So the correct title, if any, should be Internet Access Code.

I am soo tired.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Vermittlungstechnisches Kolloquium in Vienna 

As already stated here, on June 22nd a "colloquium" took place in Vienna. Main speakers are Prof. Thomas Magedanz (TU Berlin), Henry Sinnreich and Willi Wimmreuter. After the three presentations a panel discussion led by Prof. Jörg Eberspächer (TU München) took place:

Willi Wimmreuter, Jörg Eberspächer, Henry Sinnreich and Thomas Magedanz.

The audience was also quite impressive, from Vienna even Heinz Zemanek was there, but there was also some international audience: Richard Shockey, Tim Denton (Cira) and Timothy Jasionowski (Nokia) where here. For press coverage by Monika Ermert see here.

The evening before some of the participants and speakers met after a walk through the city at the "Gösser Bierklinik":

ENUM and VoIP Peering Forum 

As announced already here, the ENUM and VoIP Peering Forum took place June 19-20th in London. The event was quite well attended and gave a good overview on the current status and situation of both ENUM and VoIP Peering.

I started with an overview on the general situation on User, Infrastructure and Private ENUM, Richard Shockey from Neustar followed with the situation in the IETF and the US.

Michael Haberler (IPA) presented the current status of the Austrian Infrastructure ENUM trial and also gave a short introduction on the work done in SPEERMINT regarding federations.

Andy Reid (BT) spoke about VoIP Business Models, Steve Heap from Arbinet presented SPIDER, Tony Holmes from BT talked about User and Infrastructure ENUM in IK

Kim Fullbrook (O2) and also chair of the GSMA ENUM Ad-hoc group talked about the view of GSMA on Infrastructure ENUM.

Ronan Lupton presented the current status of the Irish User ENUM. The first day ended with John Horrocks (DTI) and ETSI TISPAN WG4 wrapping up the current situation and asking for what the future will bring.

The second day was chaired by Tim Denton, opening up with a view on the Canadian market., followed by George Smine from Nominum

Eli Katz gave the view of XConnect, to be followed by Sikko De Graaf giving the position of the Dutch cable operators.

After Lunch, Jason Livingood, Comcast and Co-chair of SPEERMNT, presented the views of the US Cable Operators on VoIP peering, followed by Tom Kershaw from Versign. Thf day ended with Sabine Dolderer presenting the status of ENUM in Germany.

The conference was an excellent snapshot of the current situation.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Peer-2-Peer against Walled Garden - A Shoot Out in Vienna 

Next week (22.6.2006) an interesting event is taking place in Vienna. Organized by the OVE, a "colloquium" is organized at the Siemens Forum in Vienna.

It features presentations from:
After this three presentations, a discussion will take place.

The event will be closed with two presentations from:
The full program can be retrieved from here.

Even George W. Bush will be in Vienna ;-)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Henry Sinnreich working for Adobe 

Henry announced today (officially) that he is working at Adobe since June 1st. Although I wonder what he will do there, I am sure that we will hear very soon ;-)

Anyway, I wish Henry all the best for his new job.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Each Time You Dial - We Start a File 

I really wonder what all this discussions about how to intercept VoIP calls and make VOIP CALEA compliant is about. The NSA is monitoring all Internet traffic anyway (courtesy by AT&T, Verizon et. al.), as is stated e.g. here. This also well known even in Austria and Germany.

There even exists a video showing the guys in the NSA Telephone Monitoring Center making fun out of all of you.

Friday, June 02, 2006

(Self) Promotion: ENUM and VoIP Peering Forum 2006 

Marcus Evans is organizing the ENUM and VoIP Peering Forum 2006, 19-20 June 2006, at the NH Harrington Hall Hotel, London UK..

Since I am chairing, I would like to draw your attention to this interesting event if you want to get the lastest information on Infrastructure ENUM and VoIP Peering. The speaker list is quite impressive and a guaranty to cover all aspects of the current state of the art from both sides of the pond:

Richard Shockey (Neustar, Co-Chair IETF ENUM), Michael Haberler (IPA), Andy Reid (BT), Eli Katz (XConnect), Steve Heap (Arbinet), Tony Holmes (BT), Karen Mulberry (Neustar), Ronan Lupton (Verizon), John Horrocks (ETSI TISPAN WG4), Timothy Denton (CIRA), Albert Gouyet (Nominum), Sikko De Graaf (CAIW), Jason Livingood (Comcast, Co-Chair IETF SPEERMINT), Kim Fullbrook (O2, Chair ENUM Ad-Hoc Group GSMA), Sabine Dolderer (DENIC) and Cris Da Silva (PA Consultant).

The full program including the registration form can be downloaded from here. For contact details and registration see also here. If you have any additional questions call the forum hotline on +44-(0)207-647-2390.

Telio IPO 

I wanted to write about the Telio IPO today, but Jon Arnold provided all and more what I could potentially say already yesterday. See also James Enck, first as usual, and the press release of the Oslo stock exchange.

I suggest everbody to read the Investors presentation. It clearly shows the (short) history of Telio and the future plans. IMHO Telio is going on the right direction. They started with fixed line supplement and replacement (like Vonage), but are now moving to fixed/mobile converence and all IP.

It will also be interesting to see how their geographic expansion road-map (slide 32) will work out.

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