Monday, June 26, 2006

Internet Area Code - TM 

Fusion Telecomunications launched Efonica, Yet Another Me Too VoIP service (YAMTVoIP). If you read the press release and go to the webpage, one may think they invented VoIP. But as Aswath and Andy already pointed out, it is only a Me Too service. They are bragging like they invented SIP, P2P, etc. and confusing everybody with the term DSP. No it is not Digital Signal Processor, it is Directed SIP P2P or so. They never heared about Skype, Gizmo, Sipphone, Sipgate,Vonage, Telio, etc. etc

Even the famous trademarked Internet Area Code (IAC) is nothing new, I still can remember areacode 747 from Sipphone. How can you trademark such a bullshit? And what is the use of a (up to 17 digit) phone number you can dial only within the system?

So how do you dial an international phone number (from FAQ 27)?

They offer you three ways:

1. Dial the NANP way 011 + Country Code + City/Mobile Code + Number (City/Mobile Code?)
2. Dial the ITU way 00 + Country Code + City/Mobile Code + Number
3. Dial wild west: country code + City/Mobile + Number

Since there is currently no "City/Mobile Code", also called Area Code, in the NANP staring with 0, you may re-use CC 1 also for dialing the IAC "10". This is basically re-using the Access Code for Carrier Selection. So the correct title, if any, should be Internet Access Code.

I am soo tired.

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