Tuesday, June 27, 2006

VoIP Peering in a Box 

Courtesy enum.at, for free use by VoIP service providers, helpless incumbents and others, a "VoIP peering in a box border element" is made publicly available here.

The peering proxy is unique because it supports different TLS connections featuring different certificates dependant on the destination. In addition, it supports Infrastructure ENUM as defined in draft-haberler-carrier-enum-03.txt and draft-lendl-enum-branch-location-record-02.txt and also the Domain Policy Matching module as defined in draft-lendl-speermint-federations-01.txt and draft-lendl-domain-policy-ddds-01.txt.

In addition, you find there also other documents: registry specifications for User and Infrastructure ENUM, regsistrar manual, client toolkits, etc.

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