Friday, June 25, 2004

SkypeOut out

After reading the news in The Register (see below), I had to try
it out immediately.

First: go to the webpage and download skype (query for new update does not work, it says you have the latest version

Second: Login to your account, get out your credit card
and pre-pay 10 Euros.

Third: after installing, launch Skype, either click on dial or enter
a phone number in international format +xxx. Done.

If you call a fixed number, call setup is incredible fast (ISDN speed),
calling mobile phone numbers takes the usual 5-10 seconds.
QoS is Skype (Gips) quality.

Call charges to normal countries is 0,014 Euro/min including VAT
for Europeans, mobile calls are more expensive.

Connectivity seems to be global.

Outed: Skype project to dial real phone numbers | The Register

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