Sunday, June 19, 2005

FT planning to take-over C&W 

According to the "Sunday Telegraph" France Telecom is working on a take-over of Cable & Wireless for 4 Bio GPB, also to achieve synergy with Orange. The rumors are coming from sources near Michel Combes, CFO of FT.

Off this entry's topic, but a technical comment on this blog

I read your blog at least weekly on my Sony Clie with an offline reader named Plucker. Since roughly one week, it can't handle the feed you publish with feedburner. Perhaps you changed some config related to reader autosensing?

Please keep on sharing your point of view on the telecom industry.

Best regards.

Jean-Philippe Papillon
Sorry to hear this, I am using FeedDemon with the feedburner feed myself and it works. There was a short hiccup one or two weeks ago because I blogged to much ;-) and overrun the feedburner size limit, so I reduced the main feed. Maybe it helps to delete the feed and set it up fresh.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

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