Friday, August 19, 2005

Allahu Akbar 

Being last week in London, some people asked me if I did not fear to get blown up at the Underground or in a bus. Basically I bet here on statistics and probability, the chance to get in such a mess being lower than winning the checkpot in a lottery. And I never won something in a lottery at all, not to mention a checkpot. Although some say that buying a lottery ticket first may improve my chances substantially.

The issue I do not understand with these bombings and especially with suicide bombers is the reaction of the religious leaders, in this case the muslims. Ok, there are always the "useful idiots" within the western society saying they understand at least the motivation of these people blowing up themselves and/or some innocent by-standers- basically the same people supporting Che, Fidel, Stalin and Ho Chi Min. I don't.

But the muslim religious leaders should reject the basic idea of such activities simply as blasphemy. Up to now I did not hear this.

All monotheistic religions (Christians, Muslims and Jews) consider God as allmighty or omnipotent. Some may say Christianity is not strictly monotheistic, featuring three gods and a goddess (Mary) and some Jews may have doubts about God being omnipotent as demonstrated in this story:

A rabbi wants to explain his pupils what allmightyness means: "God is so allmighty that he can create a rock so big that nobody can lift it". Since his pupils did not seem to be very impressed, he added: "He may even create a rock so heavy that even he himself cannot lift it". The pupils where impressed now, but the rabbi thought to himself: "But where is he then allmighty?"

But for the muslims there is no doubt and they have to state this at least five time a day in the prayer. So if anybody even thinks that this allmighty god needs the help of a brain-damaged youth to make a point, I would consider the idea alone as blasphemy.

Why brain-damaged? Because anybody having his senses together and being approached by somebody promising immediate salvation and going non-stop to paradise would answer: "If you consider this as such a good idea, why don't you do it yourself in the first place?"

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