Friday, August 19, 2005

Intelligent Design? 

Talking about religious issues and probability:

The Austrian cardinal Schoenborn wanted to be interviewed once in a life by the "New York Times" and to get some attention he picked a very hot topic in the US, at least according to the "Scientific American": the battle between Creationists and Darwinists. Some say that this action was triggered by his old friend PapaRazzi himself. He had to do this in the US, because in European newspapers this issue would not even make it on page 20 under topic miscellaneous.

Of course he offered a compromise by talking about an "Intelligent Design" controlling the chances of the evolution. Ok, this may be his opinon, I had only a problem with his second statement: that any intelligent person can see this. This from a roman-catholic priest forced by dogma to believe the wierdest and most contradictory things. It should also be mentioned that this statement was even rejected by George Coyne SJ from the Vatican Conservatory.

But what about the "Intelligent Design" idea in general?

Intelligent Design suggests that the universe is so impressive to us humans that someone much brighter than us must have created it. But it doesn't take much to be superhuman. Always remember that humans are very stupid and easily impressed.

It makes more sense to say that, far from showing signs of intelligence, the universe is a very badly planned entity. Almost all of it is empty space, and what little matter there is is useless. If I where an intelligent designer and I'd made the universe, I wouldn't mention it on my CV.

So is the universe an "Unintelligent Design" or is it a "Bad Design"?

One could say that especially life is unnecessary complicated and is using complex processes. Scientists like complexity and are impressed and some say that there must be an intelligence at work.

But one could also argue the other way round - that IF there was any intelligent designer at work, he would have cleaned up these complicated processes years ago and streamlined everything.

Complexity is always a feature of "Bad Design" - KISS

Ok, this entry should not be taken too serious.
And no, I am not talking about SIP, NGN and IMS ;-)

Mr. Stastny, please take into account alternative theories of Intelligent Design. To enlighten yourself, please visit

Hail the FSM!

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