Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Irish-Austrian Consortium Provides ENUM Services in Ireland 

The Irish Commision for Communication Regulation (ComReg) announced today officially that an Irish-Austrian Consortium wins competition for the provision of ENUM services in Ireland.

see also the document:
The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) has today
announced that the IENUM consortium has won the competition to provide Ireland
with a single Registry for the supply of ENUM services.

The IENUM consortium is comprised of Ireland’s internet domain registry
body (IEDR) and the Internet Foundation of Austria. IENUM will now be
charged with providing a full commercial offering of ENUM services in the coming

In addition to awarding IENUM the right to operate the ENUM Tier 1
Registry for Ireland, ComReg has set up an industry ENUM Policy Advisory Board
to ensure that ENUM moves from trial phase to full commercial launch.

ComReg looks forward to working closely with IENUM as it commences work
on the new Irish commercial ENUM infrastructure. ComReg believes this
service will prove highly beneficial in encouraging Irish consumers to adopt new
and converged services (such as VoIP, next generation networks (NGNs) and
Fixed-Mobile convergence) as these emerge and grow over the coming period.


The evolution of ENUM in Ireland was initiated by ComReg, with support
from the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources.

Many countries are carrying out ENUM trials but Ireland is now only the
third EU country, after Austria and Germany, to move fully into commercial
operation. The UK will follow suit later this year and North America (i.e.
country code “1”) in 2007 following the latter’s 12-month ENUM trial which has
recently started .

My remark on UK and US: Seeing is Believing. But maybe IENUM cound provide some help also there ;-)
The new IENUM consortium consists of IEDR of Ireland and IPA of

IEDR is the “.ie” Domain Name Registry, which provides the service
underlying all Irish .ie domain names.

IPA is very experienced organisation in the operation of ENUM and it
provides the Austrian “.at” domain name service, as well as the world’s first
commercial ENUM service.

Well it's live and commercial, but I think it will be some time before anyone will use it. They are charging €12 per year just to have your number in the database...ouch !
Yes and no - it is the same price like in Austria, one has to compare it with a domain registration.

User ENUM is basically not for End-Users, it is for enterprises with IP-PBX - you pay also 12 Euro for 1000 numbers.
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