Wednesday, June 30, 2004 - Free Calling to 10 Countries

Erik opened up myphonebooth for free outcalls to the PSTN.

You get free 1 Minute Calls To:

United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore
Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom

Now that they have Wifi on commercial flights I can see that might get some real traction. Soon it will have Acoustic Echo Cancellation so you don't even have to use a headset!

There is also Free Unlimited Calls To US 1-800 Numbers
Free Unlimited VoIP Calls on These Networks:
Call any SIPphone Account (1-747-XXX-XXXX)
Call any Free World Dialup Account (1-393-XXXXX)
Call any Account (1-477-XXXXXX)
Call any Iaxtel Account (1-700-XXX-XXXX)

The PSTN connectivity is provided by SIPphone, which was founded by Michael Robertson the founder of

For the full story see: - Free Calling to 10 Countries

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