Thursday, July 01, 2004

Lots of comments on Skype and SkypeOut recently

Kevin Werbach:
TCS: Tech Central Station - Tune In, Turn On, Skype Out

e.g on FCCs role:
The FCC, in essence, set up two goalposts. On one end, full regulation, and on the other, complete freedom. Unfortunately, the playing field in the middle has no yard markers. The FCC's distinctions are of little value when a Hail Mary like SkypeOut can take the form of a transparent software update. Skype is also partnering with handset vendors to embed its software, freeing the service from dependence on a PC. In other words, it no longer fits neatly into the FCC's framework.

FCC Chairman Michael Powell recognizes the challenge Skype and similar services represent. Speaking to a conference at UC San Diego in January, he acknowledged that the regulatory approach the FCC had followed for seventy years was dead. Finished. Kaput. Or, in his words, "I knew it was over when I downloaded Skype. When the inventors of Kazaa are distributing for free a little program that you can use to talk to anybody else, and the quality is fantastic, and it's free - it's over. The world will change now inevitably." Powell wasn't just talking about the free, PC-based Skype. He clearly understood that it was a matter of time before Skype bridged the gap to the more than one billion existing phone users. And he understood that it was as much an opportunity as a threat to the FCC's underlying public policy goals.

In such an environment, the FCC should devote itself to facilitating the transition from circuit to packet networks for voice. If it tries to fight Skype, it will face the same war of attrition that has bedeviled the music industry. That would benefit no one, least of all the American people.

As voice telephony becomes a software application, its evolution will accelerate. The bridge from curiosity to mainstream may be short. Regulators should pave the way, or they will find themselves left behind.

But other has also something to say:

David Isenberg is not very happy
what Rohan Mahy had to say about Skype and SIP.

Niklas himself of course has also something to say (although not in person, only remote ;-)

And some are even spreading FUD about Skype.

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